The art of giving

“We rise by lifting others” – Robert G. Ingersol

For ages, we used to live in close communities that naturally supported each other by handing down knowledge and providing care to each other. In these small social circles, people contributed and shared where needed. These communities are referred to as a people, a village, a society, a clan, folk or a tribe.

Nowadays we tend to have less attention for each other’s’ day to day needs but we did weave the art of giving to other people into our lives. We give to each other mainly on special days, like birthdays, anniversaries, or major life events like graduations, weddings, the birth of a child or we bring support by bringing food and flowers when a member of the community dies.

Every year we find it harder to think of a present on these occasions. This is because of multiple reasons:

  1. Generally speaking, we don’t know each other as intimately anymore
  2. For the people we do know well, we want to make our gifts ultra-special, but we don’t know where to start or how to do this.
  3. We have the feeling that our presents need to represent the worth that we give to the receiver(s), e.g. a minimal of a 100-dollar present at a wedding (otherwise what will people think!?).
  4. We feel presents need to have some sense of luxury and they cannot be every day or practical items.
  5. A lot of people around us already have everything to fulfill their primary (and secondary, tertiary) needs.
  6. We simply don’t have time to go out and make or source a present by ourselves.

We all know that a gift from the heart is more valuable than something you quickly picked up at the store or gas station (think about all those overpriced, sad looking flowers moms and wives).

A standard gift to many women is care products; cosmetics, shower gels, face creams. Most of the times these presents are very expensive, loaded with chemicals/non-natural ingredients and… well, standard. They were made in a big factory, without thought, love or magic going into them as part of the recipe.

Now, these products might be perfectly fine for people! However, it might not suffice for everyone. Do you know people that you’ve noticed are drawn to a more natural kind of living? Those friends and family members that you noticed have that drawback into nature? Who wants to go take a stroll in the forest or to the parc occasionally, instead of going to the shopping mall? They might appreciate a more handmade, “back-to-the-roots” approach.

You might also consider a natural based present for those people that asked for a new coffeemaker, shower gel, or bottle of wine. If you know that they are running around their daily lives (coffee cup in hand), just to fall into the couch next to you on Friday night (wineglass in hand) and complain about how life is getting them down. About how they feel like they can’t do enough. As if they are not connected with themselves anymore and looking for a way back to find themselves again? Perhaps the greatest gift you can give them is an introduction to plant medicine.

Because of all these reasons I wanted to make gift boxes filled with products that are made with love, with lots of thought put into them, some made from the finest and most luxurious natural materials, and some other ones with ingredients you might find in your kitchen cabinets, so if your loved one wants too, they can learn to make their own (together with their friend: you).

The gift boxes are made for different occasions and for people in different life cycles. Each of these cycles is studied in great depth in terms of herbal care and support. All the products in the gift boxes are made in small batches in Wickad Ways’ kitchen and to ensure their quality and freshness (no preservatives!) they are generally made-to-order. This means there is no “next-day-delivery” kind of service. At Wickad Ways the clock ticks a little slower than in our busy city lives. A general rule of thumb for delivery of a gift box is 1 to 2 weeks.

Every gift box is packed with all sorts of plant medicine products ranging from teas, tinctures, cremes, ointments, scrubs, bath salts, magical objects and much more. For the exact description of the contents of the box, have a look at their descriptions below.

How can I order a gift box with handmade products?

Send me an e-mail by filling in the form below. In your message mention the gift box(es) you’d like to order and when you’d want to receive it by. I will respond to you personally with the possible delivery date and payment instructions. All prices are listed in Euros and possible payment methods are PayPal, credit card or via wire transfer.

Overview of available giftboxes

Mommy and baby gift box

A beautiful gift box filled with every new mom’s necessities and luxuries, both for the mommy-to-be as for baby. What you’ll find in the package:

  • Toning and strengthening tea
  • Blossoming belly butter
  • Herbal bath tea “Roots”
  • Nefertiti nipple whip
  • Boho baby balm
  • Serenity sleep salve
  • Cotton diaper
  • Feather
  • Palo santo
  • Goddess statue
  • Gift card for a free “finding-your-tribe consultation”

Retail value:                              95, –

Your price excl. shipping:      65, –

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