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Do you have a health concern (or several) that you’d like to approach naturally and are unsure where to start or are concerned about herb-drug interactions? Or do you simply want to feel better and improve your body’s resistance to disease with a good routine that includes herbs? I can help. During an herbal consultation, I will take your whole health into consideration and develop a do-able plan with you specifically tailored to your needs. Appointments available in Barcelona and via Skype.

Yes, You Can Feel Healthier. Naturally.

I’m a herbalist and available for herbal health consultations. These thorough consultations are one to two hours long and typically result in herbal, lifestyle, food, and supplement recommendations. I’m able to work with a variety of health concerns; however, I’m only one part of your health care team. Herbalists cannot diagnose or cure conditions; we may simply help guide you to a healthier lifestyle, and it is always important to work with your medical or naturopathic doctor for serious health conditions. I’m happy to work with your primary care practitioner and to make referrals for other types of health care professionals. I’m dedicated to offering you the best quality care available.

How to Schedule an Appointment

1. Read the Consent and Disclosure form. You don’t need to sign anything. This just explains what a consultation entails and what I do and don’t do.
Download the Consent & Disclosure Form

2. Schedule an appointment with me. Keep in mind that I will need your intake form a few days before the appointment to prepare. You can schedule your appointment by using the service scheduler on this website, by calling +34 (0)674 725 220, or by emailing If you are scheduling a live, (rather than Skype) visit, I will be in touch to inform you about the exact location in Barcelona with you.

3. Fill out and return your Intake Form so that it is received at least three working days before your appointment. Download here Intake form in .doc to fill out and return electronically Intake form in .doc to fill out and return electronically or as Intake form in .pdf to print and fill out by hand


The cost of the recommended remedies is not included in consultation rates. The rates apply equally to clients who visit the office and distance phone clients. All prices indicated are in Euro.

Discovery Session – Pay What You Wish for 20 min

In a discovery session, we’ll get to chance to know each other a little bit to see if there is a match between us. You’ll have the opportunity to ask me anything about for who I work, how I work and fire away any other questions you want to have answered before choosing your herbalist. You have zero obligation to pay me anything for these sessions!

Package Plans

These cost less over the long haul vs “a la carte” rates.
Payment is due at your initial appointment.
(Distance clients will be invoiced after the initial appointment with one week to pay.)

A Year of Care: 300

Initial 60-90 minute consult

Five 30-minute follow-ups

Unlimited email support*

Handouts, recipes as needed

(Although most clients will schedule all their appointments within a 12-month period, clients who need less regular follow-ups may use their plan over an 18-month period.)

Six Months of Support: 250

Initial 60-90 minute consult

Three 30-minute follow-ups

Unlimited email support*

Handouts, recipes as needed

(Although most clients will schedule all their appointments within a six-month period, clients who need less regular follow-ups may use their plan over a one-year period.)

Short-Term Support: 175

Initial 60-90 minute consult

One 30-minute follow-up

Unlimited email support for two months

Handouts, recipes as needed

A La Carte Rates

Payment due at the appointment. Payment may be made through booking program, PayPal, or in cash or by pin when booking an in-person appoint. 

Initial Consultation – 150 for 60-90 min

Follow Up – 50 per 30 min

Email Quick Questions – 5 per email*

*Email questions from pre-existing clients should be simple and require no more than five minutes of my time to answer. To ensure the best possible care, follow up appointments are encouraged for complicated questions and concerns.