How to create a wave of kindness


I spend my evening with my grandparents,

these are the kind of evenings that always turn out to be more valuable than expected. They could very well be the only people that have never judged me or my sister and that will shower us with love unconditionally. I’m not saying they are perfect like all grandmothers mine too lets me know I don’t visit or call enough. We talked about society, values, upbringing, the past, the future and time itself.

On my way back home I bought a seemingly less fortunate man dinner at the bus station after he was turned down by someone else. He gratefully and very politely said, “thank you, young lady”.

Five minutes later, someone tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned, I looked into the eyes of a young insecure looking boy. He was the one that turned away the beggar before he had asked me. He asked me “so why did you buy him food?” I thought about it for a second and responded: “because I trusted my instinct”.

While I spoke these words, I recalled a conversation I had with my partner about this very topic after he did something similar. The words I used “trust your instinct” were actually not my own at all. I was repeating what he had told me to do when I asked him “how do you know who to give money when they ask?” These words had resonated with me and I’d integrated them in my life and now repeated them so naturally.

The boy thanked me and wished me a very good night. I looked at him as he walked away and I realized this is how my partner SHONE HIS LIGHT into this world. He helped someone and inspired me with it; I helped someone and inspired another; when he decides to help someone he will be an inspiration to the next and so on and so on.

An unstoppable wave of kindness to humanity

It brought tears to my eyes. Every single person CAN spark this. We DO make a difference; we CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE, even if it’s only to one persons’ life and even if it is only for a moment. It feels good to serve and ignite the flame of kindness in others. I know I want to feel more of its warmth.

Does this resonate with you? How will you inspire someone today? Or make a (little) difference to someone’s life today?

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