Twenty-nine-and-one-day, a moment of reflection:


This year of my life started off difficult:

my relationship did not bring either of us what we were looking for and with pain in our hearts, we decided to follow our own paths. Quickly after that, I felt motivated to again build my own foundations in this life and to refuel creative ideas, new and old.

It was a turbulent time, with tears of joy but also of sadness. I learned how to let something go that I’d loved a lot, in order not to lose myself.

I have defied expectations and have created more meaningful, more valuable ones. I looked at my own reflection in the mirror, and asked myself the question: “What is it that makes YOU happy and motivated?”. Answering this question took me at least six months… The answer was so obvious, it was right there, but for all sorts of reasons I had chosen to store my idea in an attic 6 years ago, covered it with a sheet against the dust, and the idea faded into oblivion.

A couple of months ago I was finally dusting away the cobwebs and walked right into my answer. There she was: Wickad Ways, my company, hobby, and creative valve. The one thing I used to work on tirelessly and with lots of fun. Back then I kept saying to myself: “But what if you fail?”. Now, years later I think to myself: “But what if I succeed!”

With this as the base, I’ve chosen, right before my 29th year on this planet would start, to continue with my passion, Wickad Ways. A company inspired by Mother Earth and the way she takes care of all that lives here. She is the source of all that we could ever need. She nurtures us, in her own Wickad Ways.

I am going to enjoy this to the max and I hope you do too!

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