Never suppress a generous thought!


Once both of my feet were back on solid ground again,

I spend a few hours in bustling, grey and crowded Lima. The taxi driver told me there were 12 million people living in this city, astonishing… that’s almost the complete Dutch population.

After I explored the most expensive (and safe) area of the city called “Miraflores” I was quickly fed up with the big city and made my way to the next destination by taking a luxury style tourist bus to the little harbor city of Paracas, where I am writing this now. On the way, I saw slums flashing by in our windows while I declined my chair a little more, enjoying the air-conditioned space. The villages are filled with “houses” made of four wooden walls covered by anything that will make do for a roof. My hostel in Paracas is nice and as I do on any of my journeys, I wonder if it is not possible for us to level out our riches a bit more and get a more equal division of the sources available to us in this world…

With Wickad Ways I’ve always intended on annually donating a part of the profit to a good cause. Every Christmas I choose a small scale, profit cause, managed by people in our own communities are trying to make the world a better place through their own personal efforts. Are you that someone or do you know this someone? Let me know in a message!

Photo by Peter Hershey

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