My time in Barcelona – getting settled in


Balance… and overcoming fear, that’s what this is all about…

After two weeks of cleaning, opening boxes, placing and re-arranging the same furniture the very next day, drilling holes, slamming nails in the wall and clean the place (all over again), I’m settled in. The apartment looks amazing, and after the plant shopping last week, an intense jasmine smell fills up my home. All in all, it truly feels like home. My own 60m3 of home, because down the stairs, right outside the front door, lays the big city and that city does not quite feel like my home just yet.

However now that I’m settled in, I can’t use my usual excuse of “needing to do something in the house, so my head is not such a mess” anymore. This is the time for me to open that front door and go out and talk to people (yikes). Some of you who might know me personally or have been following me a little while longer might be surprised right? Bo scared to talk to people? Bo fears to do new things? I heard these remarks a couple of times now, after opening up to family members or friends about my insecurities.

It’s almost as if people think that just because I help others in reaching a mindset that will help them in life, I always have my own mindset under control? HELL NO! It just does not work that way, I’m not a Buddhist monk or hardcore meditation guru, I’m human, I have my flaws and I battle major fear issues from time to time.

Apart from the fear of going out and speaking to strangers (no problem) in a foreign language (problem) I feel more balanced than ever. I feel… grown up and like a child at the same time; I can tap into my inner playfulness and feel love and gratitude as never before; to myself, to others and to the universe.

Why? Because I took this time to listen to myself and balance myself before taking on new challenges.

Like many people, I can be fairly strict and hard on myself, this is all about deepening self-love and acceptance of who you are, who I am. In teaching others, I am confronted with myself, every day.

I now take the time every morning to do my yoga exercises before I start my day. I take some time to listen to my body, not my head, to feel and align with all those aspects that make up who I am in this very moment.

After yoga I take some time to tap into some magic: I read a chapter on chakra’s, Ayurveda, play my singing bowls or draw cards from my tarot deck. Whatever those cards have to say seems like just the message I need to hear at that moment. Today’s cards were about separation of family ties in distance not in heart. About being on my way towards a future full of hope and about the fact that now that I’ve found my balance, I’m shifting into a state of action once more; I want to move forward again, want to start working again and support others in leading the lives they want to live, just like I do with mine.

Balance and overcoming fear, that’s what this is all about…

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