My Nazca Adventure


Today I feel very sick,

last night I have entertained my roommates in a horrible way, through the thin wooden walls of our shared bathroom. TMI? That’s what my roommates though too. This obviously refrained some of them from sleeping and while some laughed their asses off I still felt terrible for them and probably even more for myself. When I get sick, I’m like a guy, I feel so sorry for myself…

After my breakfast with some salty pretzels, all I dared to eat, we headed out to a small airport in Nazca to discover the mysterious Nazca lines from above. To wait at an airport for an hour, while your newly established ultimate desire is to spend the whole day in the bathroom, is a seriously challenging affair which requires quite some mindset exercises and yoga breathing techniques.

The pilot warned us for heavy turbulence because of the cold air from the ground and the warm air from the above.. or something like that.. my Spanish isn’t all that great. The turbulence turned out not to be so bad after all. However halfway throughout the flight, I needed to stop filming in order not to get more nauseous than I already was. I should’ve known I can’t film, looking down through a little screen, in a little swirling airplane. I get sick when reading or looking down in a car, bus, so yeah.. also in a little plane.

Meanwhile, I sit there, with my butt cheeks clenched together, using my breathing techniques to control my nausea and because of that I missed seeing a few of the lines-figures while thinking to myself “fuck-it”.

The experience and sights were super exciting and impressive nonetheless! To see what kind of huge efforts the Nazca people took in constructing these symbols is mind-boggling. Currently, it is believed that they did all of that, so their pagan gods would know where to send the water to. Since without water, they could not survive in this none-forgiving environment. That it didn’t work out for them this way is a pity. A fail that would cost them, their lives and their culture.

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