Goalsetting: One step at a time…


Today I am as happy as a bird with a French fry. I’ve installed myself on the balcony, in the sun, with a glass of wine, feet up and my laptop on my lap. What else could a person possibly wish for?

It’s these kinds of moments that make me realize that through all the tough decisions and hurdles I had to take the last 12 months, things are really falling into place for me. It’s the little moments like these that are occurring more often and for longer periods of time. So I’ve been trying to investigate these moments. What am I doing when they occur, how do I behave and think right before they occur? In other words; what am I doing right?

I want to know what they are, so I know how I can actively change my mindset and intentionally make them occur again. Because who doesn’t want this flow of good moments to happen to them more often?

It’s theories like the Secret (and so many others) that get people thinking about actively manifesting their own happiness. I am a true believer of positive thinking in order to manifest the outcome that you want for yourself in your life. This doesn’t mean I know how to actually do it all of the time…

I know how it should be done, more or less, but that doesn’t mean I’ve fully integrated the theory into my day-to-day life so that it comes to me naturally. It’s something I actively have to practice, every day. These can be little thoughts that break my previous negative thought process; these can be big practices like meditation, yoga or manifesting exercises. One of the most difficult things to me is to remain loving to myself, instead of beating myself down when I feel I’m not doing enough.

This is the reason why two weeks ago I made a new agreement with myself. I told myself I was going to take at least one step, one thing, every day that will bring me closer to where I want to be. One thing. This can be a big thing like signing up for that language course that I’ve been postponing for a year, but it can also be a small thing like going to my yoga practice or doing those twenty sit-ups so I take better care of my body. This time it feels different because I really told myself it is also OK when it’s a small step and maybe, more importantly, I believe it!

Far too many times we keep beating ourselves up for not doing enough, for not living up to our own expectations. We set such high standards for ourselves, far higher ones then we would set for the people around us. The goals that we set up for ourselves can be massive. I am not saying we shouldn’t still reach for the stars if the stars make you happy. However, when we do, it so often seems like an in-graspable, unreal thing that we will probably never be able to accomplish because it feels like such a huge task. So how about we divide these big goals into smaller pieces, so we can celebrate the effort that we are putting in, and the progress that we are making?

Since I’ve had this belief incorporated into my day-to-day life I have found so much more peace with myself and with the way my life is currently evolving. I’m able to celebrate those baby steps and I’m able to enjoy the time that I give myself to relax. I’m able to live in the present moment, without worrying about tomorrow.

Which self-loving agreement can YOU make with yourself today in order to find more peace within yourself?

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