Cleansing and losing weight in the process


I like rituals, most of the time they come and go, but I have one that I perform every year.

It originates from a very old fashioned tradition but transformed in a modern fashion: the fast after Carnival. Carnival used to take place every year before the start of the fast, the forty days before Easter in which Christians could not eat meat. The festival started in Italy but also gained the interest of the Spanish and French who later took it with them into the Netherlands. The word carnival probably comes from the Latin expression carne vale, meaning ‘goodbye to the meat’.

I have a secret love for carnival, not just because I can finally dress up again, like I did when I was little, put excessive makeup on my face and misbehave, but also because of the symbolism. The Dutch carnival season starts on the 11th day of the 11th month, 11-11. We call this the “crazynumber”, a word that counts 11 letters (English and Dutch). A coincidence? Eleven also has a special meaning within the Catholic church, because it comes right before the holy number 12, making it a symbol of the imperfect. Gotta love it!

Ok, back to my ritual: every year after carnival I fast. The one year I only drink vegetable juices for ten days, the other year I buy a ready-made fully equipped detox package. In any case, it is something that purifies my body for at least one week, makes me aware of what and how much I normally eat and the fact that we often take our food for granted in our rich western world. Of course, this is much more important than the kilo’s and cm’s that I lose during this process ;).

During all these years of fasting and trying different methods, there has always been one returning ingredient: Aloe Vera. Personally, I am convinced of the health benefits of this desert plant that is closely related to the lily and the onion. So I always add it to my menu during this time in the form of Aloe Vera drink gel. This year, for the first time ever, I did not fast right after carnival because of my travels. I had really missed it and my body yearned for it, so at the beginning of the month, I chose to do it now.

This time I choose to try a Clean 9 program by the brand Forever Living. This brand carries a range of products based on Aloe; one of them being the drinks consisting of pure Aloe gel.

I was first introduced to these products because my yoga teacher recommended them to me to use for my eczema, which I have been struggling with for years. Sick and tired of doctors that couldn’t find a solution, I decided to give it a try. The results were absolutely amazing. The redness and itchiness (I know icky right) went down, so I scratch them less what makes the patches heal much faster if they are formed at all.

Because of this I also decided with the C9, resulting in me feeling better about my body, losing serious cm’s -up to 4cm- in places where I wanted to lose them; legs and belly. The biggest visible difference was reduced cellulite and my hair looked better and stronger.

Because of the pure and natural consistency of this product, my own positive experiences and the positive results after assessing the company and the way they work in sync with the planet and its communities, I have decided to include this product range into Wickad Ways’ assortment.

Should you be interested in achieving the same good results as I have, just shoot me a message and we’ll make it happen for you too.

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