My library

Here’s a selection of books that are of great value to me and helped me find my way in the world of plant-medicine and sustainable living. You can click on the link to get redirected and read more about them. The books on the first part of this list are some of the books sitting on my bookshelves today. Quite a great deal of these books are precious treasures found on flea markets around the world while traveling, others gifts from my father in law, who I unfortunately never got to meet in this life. Then there’s the occasional shopping spree resulting in a sweating and panting amazon delivery guy on my doorstep while he curses my elevator lacking building… The second list is my wish list and surely they will move from 2nd to 1st selection one day ;). Scroll, read, wonder and enjoy!


A peek into my bookshelves


The basics:

Botany in a Day: The Patterns Method of Plant Identification

The Illustrated Guide to Edible Plants /  Plantes sauvages comestibles

The Natural Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Plants / Plantes médicinales

Plantas silvestres del Mediterráneo

Guía de las plantas medicinales y comestibles de España y Europa

Peterson Field Guide to Medicinal Plants and Herbs of Eastern and Central North America, Third Edition (Peterson Field Guides)


Clinical work:

Human Physiology: An Integrated Approach (7th Edition)


Medicine making:

The Medicine Garden: Natures Remedies Herbal Medicine


Women’s health:

Eve’s Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West

Susan S. Weed Childbearing Year book

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

New Menopausal Years: Alternative Approaches for Women 30-90 (Wise Woman Herbal)


Ayurvedic herbalism:

The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies: Based on the Timeless Wisdom of India’s 5,000-Year-Old Medical System


Books about herbalists:

Jean M. Auel Box Set (Earth’s Children Series, Clan of the Cave Bear, Valley of the Horses, Plains of Passage, Mammouth Hunters, Shelters of Stone)


Other magical gems:

Women Who Run with the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

How to Find Flower Fairies

Brida: A Novel (P.S.)

The Alchemist


Herbalism for kids:

Heksenkind / druk 12

Shanleya’s Quest: A Botany Adventure for Kids Ages 9-99

La Búsqueda de Shanleya: Una aventura botánica para niños de 9 a 99 años (Spanish Edition)

I’m a Medicine Woman Too!: A Tale of Herbal Wisdom and Personal Empowerment


Definite wanna-haves


The basics:

The Earthwise Herbal Repertory: The Definitive Practitioner’s Guide

The Practice of Traditional Western Herbalism: Basic Doctrine, Energetics, and Classification

The Earthwise Herbal, Volume I: A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants

The Earthwise Herbal, Volume II: A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants

The Plant Healer’s Path: A Grassroots Guide For the Folk Herbal Tribe


Clinical herbalism:

Herbal Constituents: Foundations of Phytochemistry

Medical Herbalism: The Science Principles and Practices Of Herbal Medicine

A Clinical Materia Medica: 120 Herbs in Western Use


Evaluation and consultancy:

Traditional Western Herbalism and Pulse Evaluation: A Conversation


Medicine making:

Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth

The Modern Herbal Dispensatory: A Medicine-Making Guide

The Herbal Medicine-Maker’s Handbook: A Home Manual

Holistic Herbal: A Safe and Practical Guide to Making and Using Herbal Remedies

The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese, Western, and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments


Medicinal eating:

The Essential Wild Food Survival Guide

The Wild Medicine Solution: Healing with Aromatic, Bitter, and Tonic Plants

Food as Medicine: The Theory and Practice of Food

Healing Spices: How to Use 50 Everyday and Exotic Spices to Boost Health and Beat Disease

The Healing Power of Garlic: The Enlightened Person’s Guide to Nature’s Most Versatile Medicinal Plant

The Dandelion Celebration: A Guide to Unexpected Cuisine


Women’s health:

The Alchemy of Menopause: The Journey Of Stepping Into Our Power And Becoming Who We Truly Are

Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health, 2e


Men’s health:

The Male Herbal: The Definitive Health Care Book for Men and Boys



Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology V1


Ayurvedic herbalism:

The Yoga of Herbs: An Ayurvedic Guide to Herbal Medicine


Books about herbalists:





The Medicinal Herb Grower, Volume 1

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!

The Backyard Homestead Seasonal Planner: What to Do & When to Do It in the Garden, Orchard, Barn, Pasture & Equipment Shed

The Backyard Homestead Book of Building Projects: 76 Useful Things You Can Build to Create Customized Working Spaces and Storage Facilities, Equip the … Animals, and Make Practical Outdoor Furniture

The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How: Field-to-Table Cooking Skills

The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals: Choose the Best Breeds for Small-Space Farming, Produce Your Own Grass-Fed Meat, Gather Fresh … Rabbits, Goats, Sheep, Pigs, Cattle, & Bees

Fermented Vegetables: Creative Recipes for Fermenting 64 Vegetables & Herbs in Krauts, Kimchis, Brined Pickles, Chutneys, Relishes & Pastes

Traditionally Fermented Foods: Innovative Recipes and Old-Fashioned Techniques for Sustainable Eating

Broth and Stock from the Nourished Kitchen: Wholesome Master Recipes for Bone, Vegetable, and Seafood Broths and Meals to Make with Them