The start of a blog, over a decade ago..


Over a decade ago, at the age of 16, I wrote “Today I’m starting my first diary. I think it might be useful to write down my thoughts, feelings and emotions since these sometimes feel like too much for my teenage brain to handle. This way I can put my vision into words so later in life I can look back and see if life was really the way it seemed to me in the moment. I’m curious to see how long I will keep up with this and since my favorite pen is deciding to quit on me already, I have my doubts”.

Now after 13 years of writing, I decided to take these stories and share them with you so I can contribute to your personal story. By taking a journey through half a lifetime of experiences I hope you can learn from mine. By reading your comments and input I’d like to further deepen the path to true self-love and inner wisdom that I’ve been on for basically my entire life. I am intending to do this with an open mind, a smile on my face and lots of appreciation for all of our journeys though the adventure we call life.

All those years ago I wrote “I am not such a great writer so don’t expect any big stories with moral, but just every day stories about my young life”. Today I’ve learned to appreciate my own skills, so would never say something this negative about my abilities, this leads to our own empowerment and attracts more of what we want in life. I think my stories, sometimes short, sometimes long, will speak to people from different walks of life. Young girls that can relate to my past experiences as a rebel teenager, young women that can identify with the so called grown-up that I am today, trying to answer all life’s questions that are a part of this phase in life: the quarter life crises and the question whether to have children or not are topics which you’ll find often addressed on this blog. Parents that recognize their daughter, might get a peek of what is going on with their own daughter by reading my story. Something their daughter will never tell them at home! Either way my question to your soul is to learn from mine in any way you find useful, funny or interesting. I am looking forward to getting to know yours too.

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