Welcome to Wickad ways

a business in plant-medicine

My office is currently based in Barcelona, Spain, but really I have the luck to say I can work from anywhere. This gives me the time and freedom to be in nature, travel and indulge in live. I believe that good health comes with understanding, empowerment, and the grace of our natural world. Nothing compares with the healing we experience when we connect with nature’s bounty, whether it be food, medicinal herbs, or simply time spent outdoors.

Please feel welcome to roam around on my site. My three-tiered business is based on: herbal consultations, business development/coaching for nature inspired businesses and a range of high quality natural products.

However, this site offers more than just that. I hope to serve as a pivot point in your life. I’m overwhelmed by the wonderful healers, businesses, organizations and natural spaces around and I am happy to guide you to them. For this reason, you will often find guest contributor work on my site, free DIY herbal training to get you started and anything that pops-up in my creative mind.

At times I organize nature walks, product presentations, inspiration circles and networking events for young aspiring entrepreneurs, whenever they are available you’ll see them popping up on the website too. There is so much to be discovered, so browse around for yourself, connect with people on the blog and with me!

Enjoy ~

bo merkx, Herbalist and business woman

Wickad Ways is a business in plant-medicine; rooted in my passion for nature and well-being in general and healing plants, and -therapies in particular.

Next to a selection of natural products available in the web shop, I offer personal plant-medicine consultations and business development services for small nature inspired businesses.

My aim with Wickad Ways is empowerment – empowerment of my customers, my clients and myself in our common quest for wiser relationships with our well being, with each other and with our home, planet Earth. The planet that offers us everything we could ever wish for, and nurtures and takes care of us in all her Wickad Ways.

How can I be of service to you?

From growing, harvesting and processing plants for my own health and skincare to professional practice of herbal medicine and plant medicine. Through extensive, practical study of the principles and techniques of natural beauty, well being and healing products I now enjoy sharing this forgotten wealth of knowledge through this website and -shop. It’s grown naturally into a business comprising an ethical, “green” web-shop with several selling points in Europe.

As an environmentally-concerned consumer myself, particularly when it comes to food and health, I know that making “green choices” is not always easy or straight forward. As a business, it can be even more complex and this is an ongoing learning process. Today, I’m proud of the fact that the web shop specializes in carefully-sourced materials and products that have been used by people of all cultures to benefit health and wellness for centuries. They are free from chemicals harmful to the body. The market is constantly researched resulting in the addition of the occasional innovative, natural product that complements the range.


By ordering products at Wickad Ways you ensure yourself of a responsible production process. This means:

  • The plant based products are produced using whole plants and plant-based materials (such as oils and butters) which have been      grown and harvested in sustainable ways.
  • The use of genetically manipulated plants, derivatives as well as harmful synthetic chemicals is avoided.
  • I strive to mainly use fair trade ingredients.
  • The ingredients and products have not been tested on animals.
  • I carry small stock levels of our self-produced products, ensuring our customers of receiving our products as fresh as possible.
  • The products are prepared with respect, care and gratitude.
  • I choose energy suppliers which invest in renewable energy.
  • The company works in an ethical and responsible way, by making choices which help protect our planet and its ecosystems and  avoid exploitation of suppliers in third world countries.
  • I want to share my passion for, and knowledge of nature, health and wellness.